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HP Support Phone Toll Free : +1 866 956 9160

Here are common problems & support for printer issues.

1. Printing becomes lengthy : Problem Support
All of us want to finish our work as soon as possible and any sort of trouble is unbearable at that moment. Slow print time is quite annoying and one can easily avoid this by switching the printing modes.

High quality printing can be done for important documents whereas the simple mode can be used for regular ones.

2. Bad Quality Printing Problem : Printer Support 
Sometimes, even the printer is working fine; it is not able to give the expected printing result. The poor quality printing of the printer makes the document look unethical and improper.

One can check the toner cartridges and paper to avoid the issue. The trouble is generally because of supplies and hardware.

3. No Print Problem Fix & Support
Despite the efficient working of the HP printer, many times it does not give out a print. The trouble tends to get on everybody’s nerves when the printer not shows any error.

You can check the printing preferences on Control Panel to see that they are configured properly or not.

4. Paper Jamming Issue & Support for HP Printers
Getting out a jammed paper from HP printer is quite troubling and not many people like to encounter. The main reason of paper jamming is the presence of tiny objects like pins etc. Open the printer and examine it in order to check the presence of debris. It is important to clean the printer from time to time.

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